Thank you for visiting my portfolio!

Creativity has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I obtain satisfaction by creating visually appealing images and garments while utilizing various colors, textures, patterns, and mixed medias. By the age of 10 I developed a love for garment construction and illustration. This love has stayed with me throughout my years in High School where i learned how to embrace my own identity and individuality. In 2009 I obtained my BFA focusing on Fashion Design from The Art Institute of California San Francisco. Since I have graduated, I have let my career teach me the necessary skills needed for customer service which is a key element in any industry. 

The specialty areas that allow me to embrace my creativity are:  Garment Design and Construction, Interior Decorating,and Window Treatment Displays, Visual Merchandising, and last but not least Illustrations and paintings made with Fine Art mediums. Additional Creative Hobbies: Cold Process Soap making. This is the traditional method of soap making which includes scientific knowledge of mixing natural elements like moisture based oils and Essential oils with Sodium Hydroxide. My Cold Process Soaps are all hand crafted by popular molding and piping techniques